Story number 1 for 8 Apr 2002

By April 8, 2002

(International)–We begin today’s newscast under the glaring scrutiny of war in the Middle East. The troubles between Israel and Palestine are beginning to have ripple effects in other Muslim-populated countries. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner says the hostilities may be a challenge for those serving in missions outreach. “Muslims view the U-S war on terrorism as an attack of a Christian nation on a Muslim nation. Muslims also look upon at Christians as being typically pro-Zionist, and therefore, they look upon evangelicals in their own country as being pro-Zionist, when they may not necessarily be.” Lindner says for those who are sharing the peace of Christ, there is a need for encouragement. “We need to pray that believers there will be able to distinguish themselves from the pro-Zionists, and that they will be able to maintain the spirit of Christ; that they are there as servants to the community, and many of them are, they’re reaching out to the poor and needy.”

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