Story number 1 for 8 Dec 2000

By December 8, 2000

Headlining today’s news, on an 85-32 vote the United Nations General Assembly criticized human rights abuses in Sudan. International Aid’s relief coordinator Sonny Enriquez says the situation is bleak, but they’re sending relief supplies to the region. “The situation there is really bad. They have been going through a 16-year civil war. Nearly 4-million people have been affected, half of (them) nearly 2-million people have died during this period. We’ve sent a couple of shipments of relief commodities all of which amounts (to) about 6-million dollars.” Enriquez says the relief is being used in evangelism by the local church, which he says is surprisingly strong. “I’m amazed, when their fathers are killed, their mother’s are raped and their children (are) being taken and sold (into) slavery somehow they remain strong and even using the situation to bring other to Christ. So, the body of Christ in Sudan is very strong.”

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