Story number 1 for 8 Jun 2000

By June 8, 2000

We begin today in Ghana where the missions community is mourning the loss of a fellow worker for the kingdom. Carol Dowsett, Director of Communications for Wycliffe Bible Translators, says 76-year-old Dorris Lanz, a Wycliffe member from Switzerland, was one of the victims. “A Ghanaian military plane was operating as a passenger airliner and it crashed Monday, June 5th shortly before 8 AM Eastern Time as it was landing in the capital of this West African country, killing seven people. Airport officials say it was on a regular passenger service run from the northern town of Tamale.” Dowsett says while Dorris is with the Lord she served, the incident is a reminder that missionaries need to be bathed in prayer. “Missionaries often work in troubled areas. Wycliffe like most missions are careful to look after the safety of the folks that are working with them and make recommendations as best as they can, but we all recognize that there’s a lot of dangers out there.”

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