Story number 1 for 8 Sep 2000

By September 8, 2000

We begin our newscast in Indonesia, where another wave of violence has exploded. The United Nations is evacuating all foreign aid workers from the Indonesian province of West Timor, following the violent murder of three of its staff on Wednesday. The increased problem of security has left mission groups wary. International Mission Board’s Don Dent explains why they’re concerned . “We have lost whole sections of the country where multiple churches, seminaries and others are totally gone now…dozens of churches. We have direct ties to Indonesians who are in great suffering at this time.” Dent adds that believers need to remember Indonesia’s Christians. “Pray that their basic needs are going to be met. We know that many of them are hungry, or sick…where are they going to go long-term? Are things going to settle down enough for them to stay where they are, or are they going to move-maybe more so in Maluku than in Timor.”

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