Story number 2 for 8 Sep 2000

By September 8, 2000

Meanwhile, treating the needs of AIDS victims in Ethiopia is giving missionaries an opportunity to share the Gospel to these needy people. SIM Missionary Jolene Baker has been working in Ethiopia with her husband for 12 years. She says AIDS is having a huge impact on the continent. “Between 20 and 40 are the hardest hit. That’s putting enormous strain on what families are left to care for young or old. We see the affects of not enough people coming up in the ranks to teach school, to run banks, to run infrastructure.” However, according to Baker evangelical missionaries can have a huge impact on eternity. “The opportunity to share the Grace of God – the forgiveness – and that even if there’s not hope for life now in the physical sense, we have the only offer of eternal hope for people and that will be something of a greatest gift that we can give.”

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