Story number 1 for 9 Apr 2001

By April 9, 2001

(Macedonia)–We begin today in Macedonia where U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell is scheduled to visit the country that’s been plagued by ethnic violence. Christian Aid Mission’s Mike Clinton is there and says while the violence has settled down, there are many uncertainties. “I talked to some new ministry leaders and one guy told me yesterday, who said it seems like it’s calming down. Today he said he thinks it’s going to erupt into a full scale war. So, no one really seems to have a complete grasp on what’s happening, other than the fact everything is uneasy.” However, Clinton says this uneasy feeling is making it easier to share the Gospel with certain groups. “Some Albanian Christians here have been able to share the Gospel and some of the Albanians are responding, but especially the Macedonian military. One of the ministries we’re working with, with Christian Aid, they’re out there every day sharing the Gospel with the soldiers. And, the soldiers are more receptive than they’ve ever been. So, a lot of Macedonia soldiers are giving their hearts to Jesus right now because of this conflict.”

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