Story number 1 for 9 Apr 2002

By April 9, 2002

(Israel)–We begin today in Israel, where, despite efforts to come up with a cease-fire, residents are still feeling the military storm clouds rumble. In Bethlehem, a 24-hour curfew is still in effect, and fighting continues to rage throughout the city. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner says while their agency has not been besieged specifically, their staff is concerned about other issues. “The ministries that we’re trying to help have been affected. In particular, Bethlehem Bible College, one of the projects we try to get assistance to, is right in the middle of the conflict, even as we speak. A lot of the people there are locked in their houses; they can’t get out. They happen to be Arab Christians, they’re not Arab Muslims, they’re Arab Christians, but they can’t get out.” Lindner says right now, there isn’t much more they can do but encourage the evangelistic church. He adds: “We need to pray for the Christian brothers and sisters in other lands overseas. Christian Aid is doing what we can to give assistance to them to meet the needs around them.”

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