Story number 1 for 9 Feb 1999

By February 9, 1999

We begin today in Jordan where the people are looking to King Hussein’s successor to become a pivotal force for peace in the Middle East. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says Hussein’s legacy was striking and hopeful. “Just the fact that you do have people who otherwise would seem to be very opposite and, in many ways, enemies, says a lot for his influence. Perhaps by focusing on what has made him such a noted figure, we can always pray that the Prince of Peace will touch people’s hearts in some new way.” DeYoung says the changes in store could lead to peace, both physically and spiritually. “Initially, one would think that his [King Hussein’s] departure from the scene may create quite a void and make things more difficult in the future. But, it’s all in the Lord’s hands, perhaps the mutually shared grief might be used by the Holy Spirit to bring about the kind of dialogue that King Hussein was a champion for.” In the meantime, Words of Hope continues broadcasting the peace of the Gospel over the Middle East.

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