Story number 1 for 9 Feb 2000

By February 9, 2000

We begin today with a look at Indonesia where religious violence continues to
spread. News reports indicate many churches are in exile, facing the threat of total
destruction or are in the process of an evacuation. AMG International’s Paul Jenks
and Muriel Lovestrand say their teams had a close brush with the latest flare-up in
Central Java. “The church where our speakers were located went ahead with their
services, but one hour early-actually, the leaders kind of departed incognito out through
the suburbs, so that they could get out of the city before the main violence began.”
Jenks encourages prayer for the Indonesian church. “In the past, our Christian workers
have shown themselves to remain faithful in the face of these persecutions. Certainly, it
has to have an impact-we know that persecution has caused the church to grow and so
with prayer, we would anticipate that the cause of Christ will continue.”

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