Story number 1 for 9 Jan 2001

By January 9, 2001

We begin today in the Ivory Coast where another coup attempt has been put down by the government. The country, that’s traditionally been an African “safe haven” has been rocked by 10 months of political unrest. A *missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance says: “We were awakened by a call from the American consult telling us that it was their understanding that a coup was taking place. And, shortly there after we heard machine gun fire. We are being told to stay in our homes.” He says Satan may be behind the unrest because evangelical churches are beginning to reach out. “The church has a real desire, they never have before, to reach out to people. It’s possible that this is an attack by the enemy to snuff out such things by producing tensions and hatred in peoples hearts. But, the Lord is greater than all that.”

*unnamed for security

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