Story number 1 for 9 May 2001

By May 9, 2001

(Colombia)–Topping today’s broadcast, shocking news is coming out of Colombia. According to President of Open Doors International Johan Companjen, Colombian guerrillas are doing what ever they can to train new soldiers in guerrilla activity. “Kids are being kidnapped now by the guerrillas. They train their own army. They have gone as low as five-years-old, we heard now. We’ve started a little home, together with a national group there, where we have now 30 children. Some have already killed. We are trying to help them.” Companjen says the stories are heart wrenching. “Young girls are being kidnapped by the guerrillas. We met two girls, the father looked for three months in the jungle and he came back, but they both were pregnant. The things that are happening there – it’s evil, it’s immoral, it’s terrible. We need to pray for that nation because they are our brothers and sisters and we have a responsibility to pray to give and I hope some people go.” Companjen hopes these young people come to Christ, while they cope with the emotional scars.

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