Story number 2 for 1 Nov 1999

By November 1, 1999

Next, an evangelical mission group is helping the local economy, while supporting pastors financially in the Philippines. Action International’s Marvin Graves says while the church is growing there, the need for full-time pastors is great. “Many church planters work in poverty conditions where few financial resources exist to support their work. So, unfortunately too many pastors leave the ministry to support their families. So, the Lord has provided some land with some buildings on it, some equipment so that we can make hand-made paper.” Graves says they’re using the revenue to support pastors. “Many of these pastors have had to go into part time employment because they don’t have enough money. Each month, many of them are receiving 30 to 50 dollars a month only that they’re receiving. So, they’re not able to spend full-time in the ministry.” This project, which is also adding employment to the community, could end that practice.

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