Story number 3 for 1 Nov 1999

By November 1, 1999

The people of the Balkan region will be on the receiving end of a project that will help introduce them to Christ. World Hope’s Joel Samy says they’re spearheading an effort release the booklet, God Cares About Your Cares. He says the indigenous church has requested… “Two-million copies of the God Cares About Your Cares booklet, which is a clear presentation of the Gospel message with an invitation at the end and a prayer where individuals can pray to ask God into their lives. This is truly an unprecedented endeavor.” Samy says they’re in the process of raising money to assure the Gospel is presented to all who are willing to hear. “We’re looking at a cost of 100-thousand dollars to print two-million copies. And, that comes out to five-cents, five American cents, a nickel a copy.”

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