Story number 2 for 1 Oct 2001

By October 1, 2001

(Kenya)–Next, the terrorist attacks in the United States are having a profound impact on evangelism in Kenya. That’s the word from Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer who just returned from that country. Dudenhofer explains why. “The Kenyans remembered their own encounter with terrorism and were deeply moved by the events of September 11. Christians recognized that their friends and the world was looking for some answers and that God really provided the only hope in a time of confusion like that.” According to Dudenhofer, the attacks are making it easier to share the Gospel. “They’re softening people’s willingness to listen to the Gospel because they know that without something taking place in the lives of people the world with not get better. The Gospel provides the kind of hope and security that people really need in a time of turmoil.” Audio Scripture Ministries has helped provide Scripture in 200 languages around the world.

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