Story number 2 for 10 Jan 2001

By January 10, 2001

Next, a missionary radio ministry is targeting an unreached people group in Iran. Trans World Radio has been broadcasting the Gospel in the Farsi language for years, but according to TWR’s Richard Greene, they’re reaching out to the Qashqai (kahsh-kee) people. “There’s at least 50 unreached people groups throughout Iran. And so, later this year, on Sunday evenings after our Farsi broadcast, we’ll being broadcasting in the Qashqai language. To about 1.5 million people. They’re nomadic in the southwestern part of the country.” With no known missionaries in Iran, Greene says leading the Qashqai to Christ will be a challenge. “There are no known churches or Bibles in their language. And so, the best way, and possibly the only way to reach the Qashqai people is through radio. And so, we’re going to be trying to promote this program.”

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