Story number 2 for 10 May 2001

By May 10, 2001

(USA)–Next, a recent survey of American adults shows that among the least likely groups to support AIDS-related causes were seniors, married individuals and mainline church attendees. This trend is a disturbing one for World Vision, one of the largest privately funded Christian humanitarian organizations in the world. World Vision’s Atul Tandon explains why. “Less than nine-percent of Christians in America said they would come alongside a child who’s been orphaned due to AIDS, to help that child. We were surprised because clearly, Jesus commands us to do something very different. His second greatest commandment is ‘Love your neighbor’.” Tandon encourages people to consider action within the global community as messengers of Christ. “We do have a responsibility when we receive God’s blessings to reach out to the hurting world, and the church in America has to play a more vociferous role with its own members to present the situation to them, and, it has frankly failed to do so.”

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