Story number 2 for 10 May 2002

By May 10, 2002

(Germany)–Next, as the shock begins to wear off from the school shooting in Germany, Christians hope they can use tragedy as a way to share the Gospel in this once Christian nation. Alex Esau is a German national who received evangelistic and discipleship training at International Messengers. “People are afraid that it will happen again because this guy he was planning it for a long time. For us as Christians I think it’s a challenge now to pray for it, that God would move the hearts.” Esau will be heading back to Germany for a one-year internship next month. He sees one great need there. “I think the biggest need is that the churches would be revived, so that churches would be ready that unbelievers would come to church and would grow. Because, I see in many churches they are kind of tired and they’re not really alive. That’s probably why God is not sending people into the churches – unbelievers, because they couldn’t grow.”

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