Story number 2 for 11 Apr 2003

By April 11, 2003

(Middle East) — Meanwhile, as many people of the dominate religion in the Middle East and North Africa are searching for answers, funding challenges for outreach in this area couldn’t come at a worse time. SAT-7, Christian satellite television for this region, is facing a one-point-two million dollar shortfall. That may mean pulling the plug on the analogue satellite delivery. SAT-7’s Debby Brink. “If we drop the analogue satellite we could likely lose about 70-percent of our viewers throughout North Africa. Since 9-11 we’ve had a 90-percent increase in responses.” Brink says without the funding an incredible missionary voice will be lost. “You can not send missionaries in to speak with people. It’s too dangerous. It’s not allowed. It’s illegal in many countries, but satellite television is the only source of uncensored information getting into this region. People are tuning in.”

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