Story number 2 for 11 Jan 2002

By January 11, 2002

(Pakistan)–Next, troubles in Central Asia have taken a heavy toll on mission groups operating in the area. At the height of the bombings, many were forced to evacuate, leaving behind months of painstaking work. Christian Blind Mission International’s Carol Gingrich. “We have many projects in Afghanistan. The Christian Blind Mission supported eye hospitals and did eye operations. We have mother/childcare health clinics, and we also had Community Development Programs in Afghanistan. But also, Christian Blind Mission supports about 26 projects in Pakistan.” However, Gingrich says their teams ran up against an obstacle that came from Hollywood. “They think that this is what Christianity is. We’re trying to say that this is not what Christianity is-Christianity is totally different. But, because they think that we’re from the West, everyone is Christian, and that, of course, is not the case.” Gingrich hopes to return to their work as early as February. She says the refugees are going to need help desperately to get through the winter, and asks people to consider assisting CBMI.

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