Story number 2 for 11 Sep 2001

By September 11, 2001

(Ethiopia)–Elsewhere, drought has returned to Ethiopia and is allowing relief organizations to have an impact on this desperate area of the world. World Concern’s Country Director Doctor Minas Hiruy (MEE-nuhs hih-ROO-ee) describes the situation. “There has been a lingering problem of water shortage and so the people are often at risk. This situation has worsened. When rains stop people simply become victims. And, there has been an appeal on the part of the government to meet that need.” Crops have dried out and cattle are dying. Hiruy says sharing the Gospel has been successful. “The church is growing at a faster rate than what we can keep up with. Right now the problem is not really finding open hearts, the problem is capacity to reach out. The Lord has really softened people’s hearts for Him to work in their lives.” Pray that workers will be available to meet the physical and spiritual needs there.

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