Story number 2 for 12 Feb 2001

By February 12, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, International Aid is firming up its response to help the victims of the worst earthquake to hit India in 50 years. There are still over a million people are homeless, many without food, water or shelter. International Aid’s Jerry Dykstra says because theirs is a Christ-centered relief and development agency, they’re collaborating with other Christian organizations to meet the overwhelming needs in India. “Right now, we’re partnering with some other Christian agencies. We’re sending two shipments to the devastated areas. We’ll be going out this month. Shipments will include such items as: blankets, hygiene kits and school kits.” Dykstra says people also can pray. “We can also be a Christian witness to the people that are handing out the supplies there. In the area where it [the quake] hit hardest, was a place where they were persecuting Christians, so, this would be a tremendous opportunity to be a Christian witness in that area.”
(If you’d like to help, you can donate funds by calling: 1-800-251-2502, or online at:

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