Story number 2 for 12 Nov 2002

By November 12, 2002

(International)–Elsewhere, recent statistics show that in struggling countries, one person goes blind every five seconds, and a child goes blind every minute. Christian Blind Mission International’s Jeff Watson says that’s why they’re part of an international coalition with a mission. “We’re trying to stop all avoidable blindness by the year 2020. Right now, there’s 45 million; what we want to do is get it down to 25 million by the year 2020, rather than let it get up to 75-80 million, which it would go to if it was to continue the way it is right now, without any support of the program for the countries we’re working in.” Watson says as with all ministries, actions speak louder than words. “They were very suspicious when we first came in, wondering what we were doing there to be able to help them with their eye problems, thinking that we were trying to trick them into something. But we went there with Christ’s love. They could see that we were very sincere about our faith and about really wanting to help them, and they started asking questions about our faith.”

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