Story number 2 for 13 Aug 2001

By August 13, 2001

(India)–Gujarat is also receiving humanitarian aid in the name of Christ from two Christian groups. World Vision and Habitat for Humanity are partnering together in the effort. World Vision’s President Rich Sterns. “We christened the first of 664 houses that we are building for earthquake victims. We interviewed the family that’s receiving the house. It’s actually an elderly man who lost his wife, and his daughter and one of his grandchildren. And, he’s now living with one of his daughters and a couple of his grand children. So, he lost a great deal in the earth quake and World Vision and Habitat are now coming together to rebuild this village.” Habitat’s Michael Crook says this is the best way to be a testimony in a country blind to the Gospel. “When we go about love in action people do hear it. They may be resistant at first. It’s a persuasive thing. It’s an evangelistic effort when Christians take action.”

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