Story number 2 for 13 Jan 2000

By January 13, 2000

Meanwhile, Christians from Latin America will be the people who have the
most success in reaching the Muslim world for Christ. That’s the word from
CAM International’s Doctor Ron Blue. “Some of our Spanish-speaking people are
the most adept from reaching Muslim people. So, we have a lot of Spanish speaking
missionaries who have learned Arabic and are working in places like Morocco and
Saudi Arabia. There is a definite affinity, of course people even look alike and they
relate well. They’re not a threat. We from North America are a threat to Muslim
people.” According to Blue, more missionaries will be coming from Latin America than
in any other area of the world. “This is God’s work. He’s going to penetrate that 10/40
window that a lot of people are fixated on, but they’ve missed the open door. Latin
America, the open door to reach that closed window. And, in our area, especially
Central America, Guatemala have become a great leader in missions.”

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