Story number 2 for 13 Jul 2000

By July 13, 2000

Next, Middle Eastern Christians are getting involved in evangelism, but not necessarily at home. According to Dennis Brice, Director of Mobilization for Arab World Ministries, technology allows them to find out about believers in countries closed to the Gospel. “In the past a lot of our contacts came through people responding to radio and especially the last couple of years through satellite television and now through the web. And, then our people would meet with believers to help disciple them and grow.” Brice says Middle Eastern Christians can have an effective ministry, but not necessarily in their home country. “It’s much more easy for them to leave their own culture, which can be slightly repressive and go to a new culture where they’re more free to share their faith and their families aren’t so negative to what they are doing.” According to Brice, there has been a good response the Gospel in a number of Muslim countries. He says prayer is essential.

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