Story number 2 for 13 May 2003

By May 13, 2003

(China)–Next, blaring headlines indicate China’s SARS cases now top 5000. International health officials are studying the deadly disease in an effort to stop the spread of the infection. However, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s Scott Bessenecker acknowledges the reports forced the decision to cancel their program to China. “This is a bad summer to go to China, just in general, and I think to impose our program on Chinese hosts at a time when they’re scrambling quarantines, and travel within china has become so precarious that it’s just become a less tenable summer to do the program.” In times of crisis, Bessenecker says the believers’ compassion speaks volumes for the Gospel. “I’ve heard some reports that the church has really risen to the challenge and stepping forward to care for the victims of SARS or to at least be bold in answering the question why they’re not afraid. “

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