Story number 2 for 13 Nov 2000

By November 13, 2000

Meanwhile, Gospel meetings will begin in a few days in Egypt. Despite the U-S government issuing a travel advisory for Americans, evangelist Sammy Tippit is in Egypt this week to share the Gospel in a unique way with the Egyptian people. “I will be preaching each night and they will be receiving the message a night later. These 700 to 800 church will have couriers bring videos – tapes of that and they will show them in their churches and people will be inviting their friends and family members to come to those meetings.” Tippit is hoping many turn to Christ. He says this could be an historic time for the Egyptian church. “In modern history anyway, this will be the largest Gospel preaching meeting that will be conducted in any kind of recent times in Egypt.” MNN’s Greg Yoder is accompanying Tippit in Egypt and will be filing stories throughout the week. Be sure to go to MNNon-line-dot-org to follow these special meetings.

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