Story number 2 for 14 Aug 2002

By August 14, 2002

(International) — Meanwhile, Open Doors with Brother Andrew has released its biannual list of the most repressive countries when it comes to religious freedom. U-S President of Open Door’s Terry Madison. “For the first time, Saudi Arabia has been replaced by North Korea. North Korea has taken a zero tolerance attitude toward the Christian faith. Christians are just hunted down, brutally abused, often worked to death in work camps, or just killed by virtue of their Christian testimony.” Madison says Laos, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia round out the top ten. What does this mean for evangelism? “In time, with our support, with God’s word as they need it, with training if they need it, they can and they will do the evangelism. It just means that in these top ten countries, to do the work of an evangelist is very dangerous, sometimes at risk of your life.”

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