Story number 2 for 14 Jan 2000

By January 14, 2000

Next, an evangelical relief and development agency is asking people to help
them meet the needs of the mudslide victims in Venezuela. The disaster killed
more than 30-thousand, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. International Aid of
Spring Lake, Michigan is preparing to send more relief supplies. Agency spokesman
Jerry Deykstra. “Those numbers were higher than Hurricane Mitch hit Central America
over a year ago. Our first shipment should get there next week. And, were now
preparing six other shipments and they will go out within the next week or so. And,
those items include blankets, clothes, medicines, personal care items, food, cleaning
materials.” Deykstra says they’re asking people to help with shipping costs. He says
has they deliver this aid, people hear the Gospel. “It presents a real opportunity to help
people and also to spread the Good News of salvation. We’re partnering with the
evangelical association of Venezuela. And, we’re going to be partnering with them and
we’ll be meeting with them next week as we travel down there.”

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