Story number 2 for 14 Jun 2000

By June 14, 2000

Next, Gospel Revival Ministries is excited about reaching unreached tribes with the Gospel in India. GRM’s President John Musser traveled to the Andaman Nicobar Islands recently. Musser says the people on these islands have been isolated from the outside world. However, he says plans for outreach continue. “We want to build a sending church and we want to use it also as a center to train and equip native pastors to go out and reach these islands for Christ. There’s all kind of obstacles there and it’s against the law to even reach these people.” According to Musser the Indian government doesn’t allow evangelism there. “The government of India does not want these people reached. You’re not supposed to take pictures, video footage of these people or anything like that. And, even the people that come to reach them, they have to do it at night. They’re working against some real strong forces.”

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