Story number 2 for 14 Jun 2001

By June 14, 2001

(Kosovo)–Meanwhile, the increasing tensions between Albanian rebels and Macedonian troops aren’t ending plans to expand evangelism in Kosovo. Glenn Reeves is with Medical Ambassadors International. He says they’re continue plans to establish their Community Health Evangelism program in this Muslim region. However, they’re facing one problem. “One group was very encouraged by what we taught and said they would like to start CHE. But, unfortunately they’re right in the middle of building houses and that’s taking up a lot of their time, so that they don’t have time to focus on a long term community development program.” Reeves says the CHE program is a health education program that focuses on the leading people to Christ. “Health in general is not just a freedom from disease it’s the whole person from the spirit through the outward to the physical reflecting the image of God and the change that he does in our lives.”

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