Story number 2 for 14 Jun 2002

By June 14, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Elsewhere, representatives from across Afghanistan are deciding their future. They’re choosing a head of state and ministers who will serve until modern elections are held in 2004. While people have more hope than they’ve had in decades, drought, poor economy and the lack of food still affects many. World Help’s Mike Clinton says that’s whey he’s traveling there. “I’ll be going to Afghanistan to the north, partnering with some ministries that we work with there to help distribute a large quantity of humanitarian aid. With the aid the love of Jesus will be shared with these people. There 10’s of thousands of people who still just don’t have enough food or shelter.” While Clinton says the witnessing will be low key, he’s praying that new Afghan believers will be effective in ministry. “Many former Muslims came to Christ in refugee camps in Pakistan and Uzbekistan and so now they’re heading back into Afghanistan. So, it’s real exciting to see that there now is a growing Afghan body of Christ who are sharing their faith in their proper culture and context.”

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