Story number 2 for 14 Nov 2000

By November 14, 2000

Next, amidst India’s backdrop of the Taj Mahal and its sprawling landscaped gardens, hundreds of medical personnel gathered to discuss what is being done to combat the disfiguring disease, leprosy. The 1rst Asian Leprosy Congress met this year to find direction as doctors work to eliminate leprosy from the face of the earth. American Leprosy Mission’s Chris Doyle explains their purpose. “I think from this, ALM will take some new ideas in terms of the way that we work with patients; certainly, improve our delivery of services, both the physical and the spiritual aspects of what we do.” Doyle adds that for ALM, hope is often the first step toward reaching their patients. “There’s some exciting things happening, and the Lord’s opening many new doors for us in India, so we are able to expand some of our work here. As we do that, we want people to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel in a country where less than 5-percent of the people are known to be Christian.”

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