Story number 2 for 14 Sep 2001

By September 14, 2001

(USA)–Next, while U-S President George W. Bush has declared today a national day of prayer and remembrance, Insight for Living began airing special programming yesterday to provide spiritual comfort and guidance. Insight for Living’s Don Price says evangelism can be effective in times like these. “People who have either been away from God or who had teaching early on in their life, when they face a crisis in their life they turn back to the things they know are truth. And, we believe that Insight for Living is uniquely poised to really minister that truth.” Secular radio is also requesting the programming called ‘Praying for the Attack on America’. “We’ve never been in this position before and never made our content available to secular stations. It really came out of a number of inquires from secular broadcasts properties, television and radio, asking for a response from Doctor Swindoll.”

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