Story number 2 for 15 Feb 2001

By February 15, 2001

(El Salvador)–Meanwhile, it’s been a month to the day when a powerful earthquake rocked El Salvador. Tuesday’s six-point-six magnitude tremor rattled already taut nerves and panicked thousands. Landslides triggered by the quake left growing numbers of homeless cut off from aid. In the midst of this, believers are seeing new doors open. Jonathon Mejia (may-HEE-a) lost his home in the earlier disaster, but he hasn’t lost hope. “It softened up the people’s heart(s), knowing that life is not what we think it is. And, the Bible makes sense, even in the midst of tragedy-and the people turn towards someone that will give us something to hang on(to).” Mejia and his family evacuated to D&D Missionary Homes in Florida. He says this has forced him to explore new avenues of ministry. “I believe now is the time to sit down, collect all my experiences and thoughts, and put it right through the evangelical point of view. And, as I do this, my ministry will shift to a more direct touching the people’s hearts.”

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