Story number 2 for 15 Mar 2002

By March 15, 2002

(Burkina Faso)–Meanwhile, up to five-thousand pastors and church leaders will be gathering for a special conference in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance says this country is a key place to hold this type of training program. “50-percent of the people of Burkina Faso are Muslim. However, there’s been very rapid growth of the evangelical churches. Many of their converts are former Muslims. So, it makes it a good place – and important place not only for evangelism in that nation, but also as a beachhead for the Gospel to Western Africa.” Shibley says prayer is needed for this training because it’s been very expensive. “The total expenses for the conference are around $100,000. There is a great need for resources for that conference and then our other 40 conferences that are scheduled throughout this year.”

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