Story number 2 for 15 Oct 2002

By October 15, 2002

(Haiti)–Next, political unrest leads to open doors for sharing the Gospel in Haiti. Dick McLeish (mc-leesh)with Men For Missions says their original plans last month to enter Sector Four had to be scrapped due to an uprising. That led them to enter Saint Michelle. “What we found was that God had already gone ahead and prepared the people for exactly what we were there for.” McLeish says they quickly set up a meeting to distribute radios tuned to pick up Christian programming. “We thought we were initially going to meet with 40 pastors in the area. When we got there in the church on Saturday night there were 145 people there. Including pastors, church leaders and lay people that were there to hear about ‘Operation Saturation’ and were excited to learn how to share their own faith.” McLeish says the prayers of God’s people were instrumental in not only finding fellow saints, but also being able to pick up the radio signal to hear Christian programming.

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