Story number 2 for 16 Nov 2001

By November 16, 2001

(USA)–Next, every fall, the President decides how many refugees the United States will admit, which countries they’ll come from and how much federal money will support them. However, what has happened since September 11 has had a profound impact on Bethany Christian Services. Bethany’s Donna Abbott says their attempts to help some refugees hinge on the Presidential Determination. “Refugees after October 1 can not be admitted unless he signs that, and, at this point, he is not signing it until they’ve had a chance to check the security of refugees entering the United States.” The hold up is affecting 20-thousand refugees. Abbott asks that people pray. “We have gotten no indication about how long it is going to take him to make a determination, if he will sign it, and that’s part of the anxiety is, not knowing what their plans are. Pray for wisdom for our President, that he understands the refugees are victims of the very groups that we are concerned about.”

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