Story number 2 for 16 Oct 2001

By October 16, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Elsewhere, even as Afghanistan’s skies continue to rain fire, President Bush has said the U-S would be part of constructing a new Afghanistan from the rubble once the military campaign is over. Greater Europe Mission’s Mike Parks says this approach to rebuilding is significant for their work. “It’s interesting that for probably the first time in our history, we’re doing a military operation in conjunction with a relief operation. I think it shows our overall Christian foundations that are showing through as we reach out to those that are in extreme need. The Afghan refugees are in a very difficult situation.” Parks says GEM learned from the Kosovo Crisis that this is an opportune time to reach out with the love of Christ. As a result, GEM is sending a relief team to the area in November. “We engage in the early on relief and disaster efforts in order to insure or to build on long-term opportunities for ministry in particular regions.”

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