Story number 2 for 16 Oct 2002

By October 16, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–Elsewhere, rebels in the Ivory Coast dealt a blow to West African peace when they pulled out of talks this week. Despite the threat of continued war, The Seed Company’s Parke Brown says their teams are undaunted. “We do have projects up in the northern part of the country that the rebels are in control of right now. Things are still progressing. We still have people who are doing translation training in the Ivory Coast, and we still have full translation projects currently running in both countries.” Brown says their project is located outside of the main trouble area, but they still are requesting prayer not only for their teams, but also for the talks. “So, we’re optimistic that whatever the result of this fighting, and the possible peace that might come, soon, we hope, that God would continue to bring about His work of Bible translation, despite any of the other obstacles that are going on right now.” The Seed Company is a member of the Wycliffe family of organizations, dedicated to empowering nationals to translate Scripture.

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