Story number 2 for 17 Jun 2002

By June 17, 2002

(International)–Next, the conflict between India and Pakistan has spread tensions to neighboring countries. While those leaders monitor the peace talks, the strain is thought to be magnifying other hostilities as well. FARMS International’s Joseph Richter says they have been getting reports on overt challenges to the growth of their programs. “One of our co-workers had many death threats against him, [and] his family; kidnapping threats against his children. Actually, people had to be moved from those locations to lessen that threat. Those are very credible threats.” As far as the effect of a nearby border conflict on the evangelistic reach of FARMS, Richter says: “It’s almost going on unabated. But the personal threats and intimidation are serious. The thing that needs to be prayed for is that there would be a covering, that there would also be a resolve and a real peace in God.”

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