Story number 2 for 17 Sep 2002

By September 17, 2002

(India)–Meanwhile, home building in India is having an impact on the Gospel in the State of Gujarat. In January, 2001 Gujarat suffered an incredible earthquake which claims nearly 30-thousand lives and left thousands more homeless. Mission India’s David DeGroot says they’ve just completed a project that is helping the suffering. “We have just completed the construction of dwelling places for 65 families in one village in Gujarat. This was a village that was leveled. This was a village that was leveled. I’ve seen pictures of it. It was nothing but smashed bricks on the ground. And now, we’re just completing the housing project there.” According to DeGroot this is the first time Christians have been visibly involved in the community. “So, this is the very first entrĂ©e into this village by a groups of Christians and the villagers have taken note of that. This is an open door that we have gone through now.” DeGroot is praying this will open the eyes of the people there to request Mission India’s Bible clubs to come to the area.

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