Story number 2 for 18 Dec 2002

By December 18, 2002

(India)–We turn next to India where hard-line Hindu supremacists see their party’s victory this week in Gujarat as a mandate to turn secular India into a Hindu state. East-West Ministries’ John Maisel says the Hindu leaders there are: “…strongly focused on a nationalistic Hindu type of direction as far as their country; almost like the Al Qaeda or the militant Islamists that want to make their countries just strict Islam-type countries. You’re having some of the same set of dynamics in India among the Hindus.” While caution is exercised, Maisel says the training goes on. “We’ve had to move one of our training sessions out of a place where we had a number of our guys get beat up by the Hindus and move to another location that’d be a little bit safer. Just pray that God would allow the ones that are in our center, and that we’re sending back in as church planters, that they’d be able to get out of the country.”

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