Story number 2 for 18 Jul 2000

By July 18, 2000

Elsewhere, Mozambique is struggling to gain footing lost during the massive floods in February. Operation Blessing International is providing humanitarian aid to the victims. Therein lies the framework for their newest joint venture and urgent collection deadline. OBI’s Dick Kohl. “They’re not going to have any crops to harvest until into November. They’re going to need a bridge to get them from now until November. Operation Blessing formed a partnership with LeSea Global Feed the Hungry. And, we are going to send a ship with four to five million pounds of relief supplies to Mozambique. Our deadline would be before the 10th of September.” Kohl says through their compassion aid, people see hope, which leads to: “…an opportunity for the Christian community to reach out to meet the physical need, but also to reach the spiritual need of the people in Mozambique; to share the love of Christ and to demonstrate the love of Christ from the people in the United States to their brothers in Mozambique.”

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