Story number 2 for 18 Oct 2000

By October 18, 2000

Next, rebel activity in Sierra Leone and Liberia is affecting missionary refugee air assistance coming from Guinea. Air Serv International’s Ken McKenzie. “In the last six weeks we’ve seen increased violence along the border with Liberia and violence along the border with Sierra Leone. We have almost 500,000 refugees in Guinea that come from Sierra Leone and Liberia and we’re trying to get them back to their homes. Unfortunately we’re seeing more and more violence against refugees.” While borders are closed between the countries, McKenzie says Air Serv and missionaries are working together. “While the missions community support the spiritual nurturing of the people in the country. We’re looking specifically at maintaining their physical well being. But, those two facets definitely marry together in fulfilling the Great Commission. We like to think that we keep people alive so that our evangelistic friends can get in there and do what they do best.” McKenzie is asking people to pray for safety in unsecured airstrips, and that they’ll be able to share their faith more effectively.

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