Story number 2 for 18 Sep 2002

By September 18, 2002

(Nigeria)–Elsewhere, amidst word of sectarian violence throughout Nigeria, and an attempt to impeach Christian president Olusegun Obasanjo, evangelist Sammy Tippit reached out to encourage church leaders. The conference took place at Obasango’s invitation, in spite of the difficulties. Tippit believes the unrest was a timely setting for the conference. “Because of the situation there, it caused the believers, these leaders, to have a spirit of prayer, to seek God on behalf of their nation and there was a great time of calling out to the Lord and seeking the Lord to intervene within the country.” Tippit says church leaders face great challenges in the days ahead. “We need to pray that God would strengthen them as they go back to their communities. But I think, most of all, if you were to ask them that question, they would say to you please pray that they would be able to do what God has laid on their hearts to do, that they will be able to reach their communities, their nation, and the surrounding nations with the Gospel.”

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