Story number 2 for 19 Sep 2000

By September 19, 2000

Meanwhile, young people will gather around the flagpole tomorrow. It’s the 10th annual See You at the Pole event which is expected to be held on 56-thousand campuses around the world. The theme this year is A Generation Seeking God. Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance says this is one of several efforts to mobilize prayer. “Young people are being challenged when they go to their locker to kneel down for 30 seconds. They call it the 30 second kneel down to pray for their school. They’re being challenged at See You at the Pole, to fast lunch for the next 40 days. Imagine if a million Christian teenagers would do that this year. Think of what the Lord would do in response to that kind of commitment.” Shibley says Global Advance is handing out free material to help. “I want to affirm and lift up this emerging youth generation that (is) the new mission force for 21st century, not only for the United States, but in nation after nation.”

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