Story number 2 for 2 Apr 2002

By April 2, 2002

(Nigeria)–Next, numerous Nigerian government authorities capitalized on Passion week, calling on Christians to pray fervently against all forms of violence in the nation. However, the World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey says it goes deeper than that. In the wake of a massive Bible distribution last year, Massey believes their work plays a vital role. “Some of the letters that we’ve been receiving from Nigeria have shown us that many of those Bibles have gone to many of those people’s Muslim neighbors, their Muslim employers, Muslim customers, and the Word is getting out; not just Bibles going into the Christian community, but Bibles going into the Muslim community.” Massey says prayer is part of the puzzle, adding that without it, the balance of the country could tip toward war. “Pray for peace and understanding in the neighborhoods where Christians and Muslims live together…or we may see the same thing escalating there as happened in Serbia and Croatia, the old Yugoslavia.”

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