Story number 2 for 2 Feb 2000

By February 2, 2000

Meanwhile, Monrovia, Liberia’s ravaged capital, is reaching out for Jesus
Christ after seven years of fighting. Although the West African country’s civil war
ended in 1997, its effects are still being felt. It is in this atmosphere that the translation
work of Lutheran Bible Translators continued. LBT’s Jim Laesch. “Lutheran Bible
Translators saw the Bandi New Testament completed and dedicated. The dedication
service was on January 6th. The project goes back many years, it actually started in
1976. God protected the manuscript of the Bandi New Testament. Several times
during the course of the war, missionaries were evacuated.” Laesch says in spite of this
triumph, there are still obstacles to overcome. “The Bandi area, up in Lofa County is
still a difficult area. There’s been a lot of fighting and unrest there-in fact, they had to
postpone the dedication ceremonies in that part of the country. Pray that their
distribution can be done through informal methods and then pray that they can find their
way to the different Christian churches.”

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