Story number 2 for 2 Jan 2001

By January 2, 2001

Next, students are moving forward with a new zest for missions and evangelism at home and abroad. Urbana 2000, sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, concluded Sunday. These young people described what they experience at this conference. “I just wanted to experience God and be educated in the field of missions and just find out, you know, what missions is all about. I’m interested in going to Kenya this summer. So, I just got direction for that. And, learn how to worship God better. I just want to gain a clearer vision of missions and just God’s will for this earth in terms of missions and just gain a heart for it.” During the conference Operation Mobilization’s George Verwer told the conferees that God wants each Christian to share the Gospel. “God wants to bring Glory to this world. To peoples of this world through you. Please search your heart. Please be open to God doing something new. You need to pray that prayer, here am I send me.”

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